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Craftsman Cabinetry and Woodworking – Anyone can learn to build a good cabinet, but not everyone has the patience and commitment to master their craft. I certainly don’t think we can master it all in this lifetime, but we are determined to try!

If you are interested in our work or would like to talk to us about coming to your home to look at a project, please feel free to call or email us!

Ground Technological Services – Certified Caisson Foundation Design and Installation including: Soil Testing and Evaluation, Deep Foundation Analysis and Design, Excavation and Installation of Caissons and Reinforced Footings, Arrangement of proper inspections with regulatory agencies & Letter of certification to county building inspections and Sub grade Verification Form.

GTSI is always looking to expand its quality workforce. If you are interested in becoming part of the Ground Tech team, please contact us at


Piedmont Pipe Construction – Pipelines, Storm Drain, Roof Drain & Road Work.

Piedmont Pipe’s support and commitment to safety continues to offer progressive and innovative programs. We are proud to support the Piedmont Pipe family from Building L.I.F.E. to Living LIFE.

Industrial Hard Carbon – Rising energy and raw material costs have created more pressure than ever to increase manufacturing efficiency. Few things are more expensive than downtime caused by worn out or broken parts. An Industrial Hard Carbon thin film coating is your number one defense against costly downtime due to part failure.

Chasing ifs and maybes of whether or not yesterday’s protective coatings will give you even marginal improvement can be a long, drawn out process. Contact Industrial Hard Carbon to discuss how we can partner to solve your challenge today.

Denver Plumbing Company –
New Construction- Residential, New Construction – Commercial, Plumbing Remodeling/Renovation, Water Filtration Systems, Water and Sewer Line Installations, Grinder Pump Installations, 24-Hour Service and Emergency Repair, Service Representative On Call at All Times.

Call 704-483-2297 for 24/7 Emergency Service.

BioPath – Is comprised of industry leaders with over 100 years of collective environmental remediation experience and over 1000 projects successfully cleaned. Our industry leaders bring together leading minds in environmental science, engineering, biology, real estate, finance, law, logistics, and customer service. The diverse skill set of our leaders exemplifies the uniquely challenging solutions that environmental remediation requires.

 We have team members across the United States and look forward to meeting with you or speaking with you by phone.